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Heating Your Hall, Stairs and Landing


Your hall, stairs and landing probably get the most use out of any ‘room’ in your house. What with people coming and going from outside, and passing through them every time they go from room to room, you probably already know it’s the room where the carpet wears out soonest, where dirt collects most, and where mysterious numbers of coats and shoes get dumped on a daily basis.

With so much going on in your hallway, it makes sense that you should make it as pleasant a space as possible. After all, it’s the first room people walk into when they enter your house, and it opens off all the other rooms. The atmosphere – and the heat – in your hallway and landing really do affect the rest of the house. If you leave a door open onto a cold hallway it will draw the heat out, straight up their stairs, and away from where its needed most.

Heating your hall, stairs and landing can be a tricky proposition. It’s potentially a very large space, encompassing what’s basically a double-height room. That’s a lot of air to heat! Many people find that they have a ‘warm spot’ somewhere in this space, where heat from their hall radiator naturally rises – and yet, the rest of the space can feel cold. So what’s the best way to heat the space? This is where our electric radiators come in. Unlike traditional radiators, they have directional air vents to guide heat into the room – this means the heat doesn’t just flow straight up, but outwards into the space, giving a far more even circulation of warm air. As well as literally radiating heat, they also convect it into the room to increase the ambient temperature. It’s a clever combination that’s great at heating larger spaces.

One of the other challenges faced by heating your hall, stairs and landing is knowing how many radiators you’ll need to do the job. As you’re heating in 3 dimensions, it can be difficult to know both how many to install, and where to place them. In general, an electric radiator in your hallway, and one on your landing should do the trick, but take a look at our clever room size calculator on the product page to double check what size of radiator you’ll need. In larger rooms, it’s always best to go for a radiator that can comfortable heat the space, especially somewhere like a hallway which has lots of rooms and an outside door opening off it. That way, even in the coldest conditions your radiator will be able to cope.

One final challege our slimline radiators are great at overcoming is the narrow hallway. Often our halls are already cluttered with items, from shoe-racks to coat-hooks, so a slimline radiator is a great space-saving device. With a clean, white design it won’t make your hallway feel any smaller, and if you’re replacing an old water-filled radiator it might even free up some space, whilst at the same time offering greater heating capacity. With so many benefits and winter on the way, it’s time to take control of your heating – take a look at our full range of slim radiators for hallways & landings to find out which one is best for your home.

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