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How Electric Radiators Take the Hassle Out of Heating Holiday Homes


Imagine the start of your holiday; the location is perfect but the accommodation is cold! Even in summer, UK temperatures can be chilly. Central heating may be one solution, but it is not necessarily the best. Holiday guests have better things to do on arrival than struggle to operate an unfamiliar central heating system guided by a poorly translated manual. Scheduling central heating might also be tricky for guests who range from early birds to night-owls, especially when both types occupy the same property at the same time.

A simple, energy efficient, no-fuss, no-mess solution is to use electric radiators.

Simple, affordable heating

With minimal installation costs, electric radiators require a much smaller upfront investment than traditional central heating. Radiators can be wall mounted or freestanding; their only requirement is an electricity supply. With no costly boiler repairs or replacements, maintenance costs are minimal.

Electric radiators can be run off a pre-programmed timer or operated manually as required. Because each radiator can function independently, heating unused rooms can be easily avoided, unlike traditional heating systems where heat tends to be delivered throughout the entire property even when only one room is in use. This flexibility creates energy savings and lower running costs.

Easy on the eyes and ears

Electric radiators come in a range of sizes and attractive styles, making them a highly flexible option for holiday homes. For true designer style, check out the Slimline Curve, which is ultra slim, extremely attractive and includes money saving features such as open window technology.

Furthermore, electric radiators are not tethered by unsightly pipes, which not only look dreadful but can be very noisy.  Guests can enjoy waking in the comfort of perfectly warm accommodation without having been disturbed by pipes and radiators that creak and rumble as soon as hot water begins to circulate.

Why holiday owners should invest in electric radiators

For holiday lets, electric radiators have many advantages over traditional central heating systems including:

  • Cheaper, quicker and non disruptive installation.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Advanced technology, delivering a wide range of money saving features.

  • Stylish designs to grace any setting.

  • Simple controls that can be tailored to varied needs.

  • And finally, problem-free heating equals blissful comfort for guests and peace of mind for landlords.

Convenient installation and low maintenance

Apart from low installation costs, the simplicity and speed of installing electric radiators make them a highly convenient choice. There is no need for heating engineers or electricians because no specialist knowledge is required, apart from outdoor and bathroom installations. Even these jobs, however, will be relatively inexpensive because qualified electricians can complete them quickly and easily.

Once installed, traditional central heating can cause misery with leaking radiators, burst pipes and malfunctioning boilers. This isn’t just a nightmare for guests; it also means stress and expense for landlords who need to resolve problems quickly and might end up losing income. With electric radiators, landlords can forget about such problems, relax and enjoy peace of mind.

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