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How smart tech makes electric radiators even better!

Be Smart

The most remarkable feature of heating systems in the 21st century is that users can now control them remotely.

In fact, Wi-Fi technology allows you to turn your heating on or off, up or down from wherever you are in the world. Yet while smart thermostats have been on the market for a while now, smart technology now gives you even more…

Smart radiator valves

Because it is now so easy to link multiple devices to your smartphone, it was only a matter of time until every aspect of central heating got smarter. And as it turns out, intelligent radiator valves solve a long-held problem.

If you’ve ever lived in a house with an old central heating system, you will no doubt be familiar with the inability of worn valves to control the amount of heat coming out of your radiators with any degree of accuracy.

Battery power is one way of powering the valves, and some units do use this method. However, the batteries go dead quickly and have to be changed often, which may prove too costly.

The most efficient smart valves make use of the thermoelectric effect. In simple terms, this means that the temperature difference between the room and radiator can be used to generate electricity. This electricity then gives power to the valves and is therefore much more energy efficient.

Smart radiator valves are very easy to install. Simply remove the existing valve head and screw the smart one in place. Once installed, the smart valve will configure itself automatically to the radiator and the room; this should take just a few minutes.

Smart electric radiators

Smart electric radiators are an even better way to save energy. Electric heating now goes way beyond the 1970s units that gave the method such a bad reputation all those years ago.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and electric heating is one of the cheapest and most convenient forms of heating on the market. There is no need for boilers, pumps, valves, or any of the many accessories that other forms of central heating need to operate at their best. This makes electric radiators both inexpensive and easy to install.

Add in smart technology – the ability to control them from computers, smartphones, or tablets 24/7 – and you can save even more energy and money. All our smart electric radiators are made from cast aluminium to ensure that heat dissipates rapidly. They also have a lightweight “thin tin” construction which makes them more portable.

All you need to install such a system is a power socket and a wireless router. Smart electric radiators are packed full of features designed to save you money. Open window detectors sense when a window is opened and pauses operation until it is shut again.

Meanwhile, automatic sensors ensure that smart systems keep up with seasonal time and temperature changes. Many of these units also boast baby care settings and energy consumption meters. In addition, they offer silent operation, with no clicks or pops from the digital controls.

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