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How to get the most out of your Electric Radiator

How to get the most out of Electric Radiator

In previous blogs, we’ve covered the many reasons why electric radiators are ideal for heating your home. However long you’ve had your radiators you may be missing out on how to get the best performance out of your electric radiators. The features of our electric radiators mean you’ll always get amazing money saving performance, but there are some things you can do to ensure your electric radiator’s environment is set up to help maintain great performance.

Don’t block the radiator

Radiators are most effective when their heat source is not blocked by furniture like sofas. Electric radiators work best by being able to effectively circulate heat through the room so placing a sofa or piece of furniture in the way may hamper performance.

Take care to block any draughts

Much like furniture that can prevent the heat from circulating, there are other elements that can impact the heat in the room. Before the weather turns too cold it’s worth getting major draughts checked out. There are some quick and easy solutions that can vastly reduce those niggling draughts. Draught excluders are cheap and help block cold air coming into a room. If you’re handy with sewing you can make a draught excluder quite easily.

Keep on top of humidity

Even in cooler weather, you may find that humidity builds up. Humidity isn’t only uncomfortable, it can cause mould in rooms with poor ventilation. Rooms that can suffer from humidity and mould are small bathrooms, especially in older properties. When showering it is best to open a window afterwards to allow the steam to escape.

The idea humidity levels during summer are between 30% and 40%, and 45% and 55% in winter.

Heat each room to suit your routine

If you like to sit in the dining room in the mornings and evenings then it makes sense to heat the room accordingly. Programme each electric radiator in your home to deliver consistent temperatures. If you don’t use the spare room much, simply set your radiator to deliver a heat that is lower than the rest of the house. This helps to keep your home feeling warm and comfortable.

Heating your home using this philosophy can ensure your entire home is heated without feeling it’s too warm. Electric radiators are especially good for this method of heating due to digital thermostats. You can set unused rooms to stay at a consistent temperature so you don’t have any unpleasant cold spots.

Don’t turn the heating off when you’re away

Going away for some winter sun? Don’t turn all of your radiators off to save some cash, this could cause more harm than good! If you’re away for even a weekend and leave the heating off, a sudden temperature drop could freeze your pipes and cause untold damage to your property.

It doesn’t make sense to heat an unused space, however, do maintain a basic temperature that will keep your home heated enough when you’re away. Each of our radiators features our Intelligent Control System (ICS) to ensure your room is kept at the temperature you programmed.

It also means you come back to a warm home which is always a big plus!

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