How to Heat your Conservatory during the Winter Months


Many of us who are lucky enough to own a conservatory spend a significant amount of time basking in the warmth, sunlight and relaxation a conservatory offers but the UK climate can often prevent us from taking full advantage of such a calm and relaxing environment.

Heating your beloved conservatory when the summer months fade into a long distant memory can be challenging and expensive but what are the options?

Free standing or wall mounted electric radiators are an inexpensive and quick solution providing an instant heat source at the touch of a button. Electric radiators can be fitted to the wall very simply using only a couple of wall brackets. Alternatively leg or foot supports can be added for extra flexibility.

Digital electric radiators include a thermostat to accurately monitor and maintain the air temperature in your conservatory. More modern electric radiators include Intelligent Control System (ICS) which helps maximises the efficiency of the radiator helping to reduce the running costs. Programming your radiator to heat your conservatory at the coldest times of the day such as early morning can easily be achieved by setting the digital thermostat accordingly. This feature will give you perfect room temperature while enjoying your mid-morning breakfast or reading the newspaper at the weekend!

Electric radiators are slimline to reduce the amount of precious floor space in your conservatory. They are also designed to fit harmoniously into your d├ęcor rather than looking outdated and bulky like some traditional heaters.

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