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Surviving Winter Without Central Heating


Millions of home in the UK don’t have central heating, and although this isn’t a problem for part of the year, come winter it can cause real issues.

Keeping warm on colder winter nights isn’t the only challenge. A cold house can have problems with condensation and damp, all of which can lead to mould and other nasty surprises. Saving money on heating now can mean big expenses down the line as damage to your house is put right.

So how do you survive the cold weather and make sure both you and your house come through unscathed? There are some simple solutions that don’t mean breaking the bank.

Cut down on condensation

One of the problems cold houses often suffer from is condensation. This can come from cooking or drying clothes indoors, but it can also be caused by warm air from outside getting into a cold house. Condensations not only looks unsightly on windows, it can actually cause damp and mould to form. This in turn can damage paintwork, wood and other surfaces, so it’s a good idea to keep on top of condensation from the start.

One way way to minimise condensation is to run a dehumidifier, particularly in areas near the kitchen or bathroom which might get a lot of steam. Always make sure to run your extractor fans too, especially when cooking. Leaving a window slightly open is another great way to minimise the amount of moisture in the air, but be sure to close it again!

Invest in Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can make a big difference to the perceived warmth of a house, and they’re very cheap to pick up from the high street or online. A few rugs on cold floors can make a big difference, to how warm a room feels, as can thick curtains. If you house is well-insulated, your windows are probably the biggest culprit for heat loss so keeping curtains drawn can be a big help. 

Low Cost Radiators

Many homes without central heating make do with just a gas or electric fire in the living room. This may make one room warm, but what about the rest? A simple investment in a low cost electric radiator can make all the difference and keep a bedroom nice and cosy overnight, without breaking the bank. They simply plug into the wall so no workmen are required, and they’re incredibly energy efficient. Adding more heat to your house is by far the best way to keep it cosy over winter, and it might cost much less than you think.

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