How Quality Electric Radiators Could Save You Money

Quality Electric Radiators Save Your Money

Traditionally, electric radiators and space heaters have been regarded as cheap to buy, but too expensive to run. They’ve made ideal solutions in situations where plumbing new radiators into the home’s central heating system simply hasn’t been a viable option. But at the same time, they’ve not exactly been the most desirable, economical or reliable heating devices.

And when you know just how much it is costing you to use an inferior electric heating device, you are naturally less likely to use it. Which technically speaking means that there wasn’t a great deal of point in picking it up in the first place!

New Generation Electric Heaters

These days however, it can actually be quite to the contrary. Suffice to say that if you haven’t taken a look at what’s available in some time, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

In fact, what if we told you that making the switch to new generation electric radiators could actually save you money?

The idea of overhauling your home’s heating system may sound a little excessive and more than a little expensive. Nevertheless, get it right and you could be looking at significant savings each and every month for the long-term.  And we don’t just mean the kinds of savings that don’t really mean anything either – how about savings of up to 50 per cent on your heating bill?

If it all sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it was…at least until our Slimline Digital Electric Radiators came along. Packed with the most extraordinary technology, everything about our radiators has been designed with maximum performance and minimal energy consumption in mind. Not only do our Slimline Digital Electric Radiators make it much easier for you to control the temperature in any room or area of your home, but they are also fitted with our Intelligent Control System (ICS) which keeps a much closer eye on things than the radiators you might be used to.

Intelligent Control System (ICS)

It’s our ICS that makes the biggest difference of all when it comes to both controlling the temperature in your room and ensuring the least possible energy is used in your home. If you are used to living in an environment where it is too hot one minute, too cold the next and then once again uncomfortably hot shortly afterwards, you certainly aren’t in the minority.

What makes our ICS different is the way in which it intelligently monitors the air temperature in the room, in order to know exactly how much heat to generate and when, in order to maintain the ideal temperature. In fact, it is perfectly capable of keeping the temperature within the room within a range of 0.3 degrees at all times. And in doing so, our Slimline Digital Electric Radiators never have to waste energy heating up a freezing cold room, only then for the majority of the heat to go to waste with the room having been heated excessively.

So if you would prefer a heating system that is not only better in terms of performance but also exponentially more cost effective, our Slimline Digital Electric Radiators could be just the ticket for you!

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