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How to Buy the Best Electric Heater for your Home

How to Buy the Best Electric Radiator

Heating your home is important for your well-being. Being comfortable in all weather helps you to stay healthy and keep your morale up. In fact, being exposed to cold for too long can have serious consequences. So if you’re looking for a new way to keep your home cosy, read our helpful guide to buying the best electric radiator for your home.

How much should I spend on an electric heater?

Pricing on electric radiators varies greatly. The higher end of prices mean you get better features and heaters made from higher quality materials. Our range of electric radiators start at £219 for a good quality model that features our Intelligent Control System.

You can pay a little as £10 for a fan heater but this type of heater can consume a lot of electricity and will lack the more sophisticated features of higher end electric heaters. Equally you can spend a lot on a heater that doesn’t have any useful features. Our range of heaters have the exact features you need at a reasonable price.

Which rooms are best for an electric heater?

Electric radiators can be used in any room in your home where you need a boost in warmth. The most common rooms would be living rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms. It makes sense to heat the rooms you use the most. An electric radiator can help keep your main room warm in the evenings whilst the rest of your home is kept at a cooler temperature.

If you need extra warmth in your bathroom there are electric towel radiators available. These can heat your towels and keep you comfortable as you exit the bath or shower.

You can also utilise electric radiators in extended spaces such as garden rooms or conservatories. This can help you get the most use out of a room that would otherwise be unusable during the winter months.

What type of features should I consider in an electric radiator?

  • Is digital best for electric heaters?

You wouldn’t want to control your central heating with a dial. Setting your temperature using a digital thermostat means more accuracy and less guesswork. Programming your digital thermostat means you can set the heat levels according to your routine across the year so you get optimal heating.

  • Safety cut off systems

All electric heaters should come with a safety cut off. This gives you the confidence to leave the heating running during unsupervised times, such as going out to the shops. Safety cut off systems ensure the electric radiator won’t overheat and cause a fire hazard.

Should I rely on just an electric heater to heat my home?

Electric radiators offer numerous advantages, however when looking for the ideal heating solution you need to be practical. Every home is different and requires different heating solutions. If your boiler is old then electric radiators are ideal. If your home is new and energy efficient, electric radiators can help you to heat a small space efficiently.

It’s best to study how well your home maintains heat and where in particular you may feel you’ll benefit from having an electric radiator. As said earlier, electric radiators are perfect for adding a boost of heat to a specific room.


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