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How to Heat Your Home Without Gas Central Heating

Wall mounted

If you have a home that is not connected to mains gas, you face the dilemma of how best to heat your home. It is natural to have concerns about how to heat your home, and money is often an factor that influences your heating choice.  Using electric radiators in your home can actually be a lot cheaper than you think, and it could be the perfect alternative to gas central heating. There are many things you can do to maximise any heat you do generate, and electric heaters themselves have improved vastly and are no longer money munchers, in fact quite the opposite.

Modern Electric Radiators Offer Many Benefits

Having a modern electric radiator can bring many benefits to your home.  Firstly they are very lightweight and easy to move.  So, whilst you could choose to have one fixed to the wall, you could also choose to keep them freestanding and portable, meaning they can be moved from room to room.  If you decide to wall mount an electric radiator, in your main living area for example, this can be done fairly simply with limited DIY skills, just be sure to have a pipe and cable locator on hand before you drill into any walls.

Thermostat Controlled

One of the most common benefits of gas central heating is the fact you can control the heat, and people believe you cannot do that with electric heaters.  However, it is very easy to do with modern electric radiators.  They too have thermostats and can easily be set to come on and go off according to temperature requirements.  It really is a myth that you can only have an electric heater on or off.  Many also offer frost free function that means the heater will automatically turn itself on once the temperature in the room drops below 5 degrees.

Spot Heat

One of the biggest disadvantages of central heating is the fact it heats the whole home, and sometimes this is not what people want.  Many people prefer a cooler bedroom, and not everyone wants heat in the kitchen with all the appliances on for example.  Portable electric heaters mean you do not have to fuss around changing individual radiator settings to suit the setup, you can just move a heater from one room to another.

Maximise the Heat

Once you have set up the electric radiators you can also take steps to maximise the heat they generate.  Having heavy curtains over windows in winter can prevent a lot of heat being lost. A good draught excluder across a doorway can also prevent cold air entering and warm air escaping. Carpets are a great way to help keep a room warm. Don’t forget blankets and throws on sofas make a really snuggly way to watch television in the evenings and offer a chance to save a bit on your energy usage.

There really is nothing to worry about if you have a home that does not offer a gas central heating systems, advancements in electric heaters mean that they are now able to offer exactly the same benefits without costing more.

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