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How To Heat Your Home Without Gas


Did you know that 15% of homes in the UK aren’t connected to a mains gas supply? This statistic is surprising to those of us who have lived with gas central heating, but it amounts to about 2 million homes that are off the grid. (http://www.consumerfocus.org.uk/files/2011/10/Off-gas-consumers.pdf)

Houses without gas heating are more likely to be older, solid-walled and with low energy efficiency standards. As you might guess, they’re more likely to be in rural areas, but many households in high-rise flats don’t have a mains gas supply.

If you do live in one of these homes or you’re thinking of buying one, what are your heating options?

LPG or Oil

An LPG or oil heating boiler was traditionally a popular choice, however the rising cost of oil means that people are increasingly looking for other options. Another downside to this choice of heating is the need for a tank on your property – something that may well be unsightly and disruptive to install. 

Wood burning stoves

Many of us dream of having a wood burning stove, and they do look very romantic – however the reality of heating your whole home with a wood stove is very different. For one thing, you need space to store a lot of wood and there’s the practicality of bringing it into your home and keeping your fire fed. Often a wood stove will heat a home unevenly, and you might find you need extra heating in some rooms in the form of a radiator. 

Electric heating

Technology has come a long way in the last ten years, and electric radiators are no longer an expensive option. With an extremely high efficiency rating they can now actually save money over gas central heating, and the set-up costs are low from around £200 per radiator.

Unlike an oil boiler or a wood burning stove, anyone with basic DIY skills can install electric radiators and no extra storage space is needed. This makes them perfect for terraced houses, high-rise flats or just as an economical solution for home heating.

If you’d like to see how many radiators you’ll need to heat your home, take a look at our ‘Wattage Guide’ on each product range page.

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