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Why Electric Radiators Are Beating Gas Alternatives

Best Electric Radiators

Over the last 20 years, central heating was considered the best way to heat a home.  People would wait impatiently for their properties to be eligible to be connected to mains gas, and rush to have a central heating system fitted.  This is an expensive task to undertake, it is disruptive, and frankly retrofit pipe work running all over the house can be quite unsightly.  It may come as no surprise then that electric radiators have gained significant favour over the last few years.

Technology Moved On

As with all technologies, advancements have been made in electric radiators.  The most common alternative to central heating systems used to be night storage heaters. These do run off electric but are an awkward, and cumbersome alternative that really didn’t provide much in the way of controllability and user friendliness.  Electric radiator technology has moved on so far that it now easily lives up to the instant gratification generation we now find ourselves in.

Easy and Low Maintenance

One of the biggest needs for today’s consumer is simplicity.  We do not want to be tied up in complicated systems that are difficult to maintain.  Electric radiators have definitely stolen that crown.  If a central heating system goes wrong, there is very little a householder can do but call a professional. A busy heating engineer could be days away from fixing your issue and in that time you could be without heat and hot water – and the whole property is affected.  Electric radiators are different, for a start they meet the criteria of being simple, this means there is less to go wrong in the first place.  Secondly, if one heater does have an issue, there are less possible causes, meaning that a householder can have a go at fixing it.  They are also limited to one room, so only that room will be without heat.  It does not change the hot water system and there is no need to be cold all over the home.  Other rooms can still have their heat supply, and if you have an electric radiator that is not wall mounted you can easily bring that to the room that has the broken one.  Much less impactful.

Fossil Fuels Are Not Good

Gas is still a non-renewable fossil fuel.  This means that you are damaging your carbon footprint more than if you just use electric.  Electricity is fast becoming an entirely renewable source of energy with great investments into wind and solar farms enabling us to generate green energy with ease.  Modern electric radiators are a very energy efficient way to provide heat to your home.  This means you can afford to have the home at the temperature you choose without worry about having to pay the electricity bill.

Modern and Stylish

As we mentioned above, a retro fitted central heating system leaves big ugly lengths of pipe in every room.  Some people paint them, some leave them, but there is no getting away from the fact they are not nice to look like.  An electric radiator simply needs a power point, and if it is sites close to a plug you will not have to worry about anything unsightly cluttering up your room.



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